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My name is Charles, I am a New Media Artist, Roboticist and Interaction Designer based in San Francisco, CA. I am most interested in the intersection of science and art, manipulating the physical through digital and creating technology for people. I studied Human-Computer-Interaction at Carnegie Mellon's graduate school of Computer Science and Design at the University of Colorado's school of Architecture and Planning. Prior to my graduate studies I practiced computational-design in Los Angeles at the Yazdani Studio, Research and Development. I love to design and build things with computers. I have authored work spanning various disciplines such as software, architecture, industrial-design, graphic-design, interactive-art, data visualization and digital-fabrication. My current focus is centered around my startup's and the Centre for Creative Aplications of Robotics (CCAR). If interested in services, collaborations, or questions about my work please contact me through one of my feeds below.